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Anita Knight

Hello and welcome to my website!

I am a gardener, a musician, a lover of cats, and a lifelong learner. My husband and I have enjoyed 35 years of marriage and homeschooled our six sons, who have launched into diverse fields from construction to rocket scientist and everything in between. We're the excited grandparents of six, with twins on the way!

My musical passion was instilled from an early age. I  was the youngest daughter of immigrant parents. I adored my Papa, and naturally wanted to play violin as he did. Alhough I lacked his musical gifting and it was a hard journey, I had grit and persevered! Not until years later did I discover the Suzuki method, with the revolutionary motto: "Every Child Can!"


I immediately thought, "Where was THIS when I studied violin?" The Suzuki Philosophy showed me how to make music accessible to everyone--regardless of natural music ability. Since then, I've embraced this method. The rest is history!


Joyful Sound Violin Studio

I opened my violin studio in 1984 and taught for over a decade, before taking a break to homeschool our six sons. I became a Suzuki Violin Mom myself, while also supporting all six in their study of piano.

Now that my kids are grown, it's been my joy to see the next generation, including my grandchildren (you'll see them in the pictures!) grow through the same Suzuki Method, that I have come to love. It continues to be my passion to instill the love and delight of music in every child from age zero to a hundred! I invite you to embark with us on your musical journey!

My Training


A Lifetime Learner

I am absolutely committed to ongoing professional development. I've had the privilege to sit under World Class trainers who've helped me become the best I possibly can, for the benefit of my students. By continuing my education, I gain wonderful techniques on ‘making it easy’ to help my students advance. I love coming home after a training and ‘practicing’ the new insights with my students!


Core Units Taken

  • Violin Unit 1 / 3x with 3 different trainers

  • Violin Foundation 1A

  • Violin Unit 2

  • Violin Unit 3

  • 2019: Scheduled for Violin Unit 4

  • Suzuki Early Childhood Education Prenatal and Early Years, Stage 1

  • Suzuki Early Childhood Education Prenatal and Early Years, Stage 2

  • Suzuki Principles in Action

  • Violin Practicum


Workshops & Events

  • SAWS (Suzuki Assoc WA State) Annual teacher training and festival: Annually from 2008 – 2018

  • 2016 Kerstin Wartberg training (Step by Step) 

  • Music Mind Games by Michiko Yurko

  • Creative Ability Development (Improvisation), Alice Kanack, Sera Smolen

  • Hosted Creative Ability Development for teachers & students in my home studio

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