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Setting Up for Success

A home studio is an integral part of your overall success. We'll help you understand what is needed to setup your own home studio.

Setting Up for Success
You will need the following equipment:
  • Three “listening stations”:

  1. Step by Step playlist to practice with   

  2. Suzuki Vol. 1 playlist for the car

  3. Suzuki Vol. 1 playlist for the home

  • Your preferred electronic device or a working CD player

  • A quality violin fitted to your child and approved by your teacher. Your teacher can assist. This will be earned after weeks or months, depending on the age of the child.

  • Corset Tuner app.  Please install on your device.

  • Music stand

  • Lesson books and flashcards (provided by teacher)

  • Practice notebook and practice sheets (provided)

  • Video capability for lessons. This may be a cell phone.

Practice area, practice schedule

Set up and organize your practice area. This will be a distraction-free environment with no TV or interference from electronics, etc. See that all equipment is readily at hand. The items in your practice area include:

  • Music stand

  • Lesson books

  • Device or cd player to practice with

  • Violin and accessories: shoulder pad & bow / props for littles

  • Practice video from lesson

  • Fingernail clipper for weekly trimming

  • Cleaning cloth for weekly cleaning

Discuss with your teacher and family. List the time(s) of day and commit to it. This may shift as you find what works best with the rhythms of your family and schedule. Successful practices come from a consistent schedule.  Make a practice plan and to share this with your teacher.

Listening Areas, Listening Schedule
  1. Identify and set up your playing device with the Step-By-Step recording in the practice area.

  2. Set up home listening area

  3. Put CD/ recording in your vehicle


Plan your schedule to include two or more hours of passive listening DAILY!! This includes time in the car, and background music in the home. Make a listening plan and to share with your teacher.

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