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Violin Lessons

 Private Lessons 

I offer private and family instruction at my home studio for ages four and up.  Students register for 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute lessons.

If you are interested, contact me below!

 Group Lessons 

If there's no group, its not Suzuki!  
Three studios collaborate on to develop ensemble skills, social skills, and an eagerness to learn. This is a powerful incentive to practice & improve with the encouragement and camaraderie of others.  Group meets on Thursday nights on Kent East Hill.

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If you've ever had a desire to play the violin, now is the time to act! Violin lessons are a wonderful gift to you and your child. The Suzuki Approach has unique qualities that make it extremely effective!
Violin lessons are the perfect vehicle to develop creativity, self-expression, discipline, consistency, the value & rewards of hard work, and SO much more!


Why study violin?
Violin lessons are the perfect vehicle to:

  • Develop creativity

  • Foster self-expression

  • Teach discipline

  • Establish consistency

  • Give the value and rewards of hard work

  • Master breaking complex tasks into manageable pieces

  • Gives a wonderful community

  • Builds confidence!
    Develop Joy and Love of music and of learning!

As an adult student returning to the violin after a 20-year hiatus, I found Anita to be the perfect teacher to get me back in the game! She helped fill the holes... and progress faster.

Anita is always looking for opportunities to further her own training, as well as educational/ playing opportunities for her students. I love being part of the JSV family and can't imagine taking lessons elsewhere!

Natalie H.

   Parent Handbook
Download here for loads of details!

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